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10th April 2019

1. Agenda town Council meeting 10th April 2019.pdf 1.-Agenda-town-Council-meeting-10th-April-2019.pdf 199.7 KB 5.1 Minutes - Town Council meeting - 15th April 2019.doc 5.1-Minutes---Town-Council-meeting---15th-April-2019.doc 215.5 KB 6.1a Highway Meeting notes - 2nd April 2019 4)-Highways-mtg-notes---2nd-April-2019.docx 27.2 KB 7.1 Accounts for March & April 2019.pdf 7.1-Accounts-for-March-&-April-2019.pdf 172.2 KB 7.2 CGM quote for Orford Road clean up.pdf 7.2-CGM-quote-for-Orford-Road-clean-up.pdf 357 KB 7.4 Tesco Bags of Help Centenary Grant.pdf 7.4-Tesco-Bags-of-Help-Centenary-Grant.pdf 50.3 KB 7.5. Heavy Duty Bollards.pdf 7.5.-Heavy-Duty-Bollards.pdf 203 KB 7.6 Quote UKPN panels.pdf 7.6-Quote-UKPN-panels.pdf 303.3 KB 7.7 Quote Edwards Bird Control.pdf 7.7-Quote-Edwards-Bird-Control.pdf 77.6 KB 8.1a FOI Request.pdf 8.1a-FOI-Request.pdf 40.4 KB 8.1b Swaffham UDC records.pdf 8.1b-Swaffham-UDC-records.pdf 274.1 KB 8.1c Correspondence re Mr Pilcher.pdf 8.1c-Correspondence-re-Mr-Pilcher.pdf 352.2 KB 8.1d Merchant Navy Day.pdf 8.1d-Merchant-Navy-Day.pdf 237.8 KB 8.1e CPRE Norfolk.pdf 8.1e-CPRE-Norfolk.pdf 51.8 KB 8.2a Spelling corrected Election of District Councillors.pdf 8.2a-Spelling-corrected-Election-of-District-Councillors.pdf 54 KB 8.2b Election of Parish Councillors.pdf 8.2b-Election-of-Parish-Councillors.pdf 95.1 KB 8.3a Correspondence re dangerous driving at Watton Road.pdf 8.3a-Correspondence-re-dangerous-driving-at-Watton-Road.pdf 407.1 KB 8.3b Highway Rangers.pdf 8.3b-Highway-Rangers.pdf 58.7 KB 9. List of correspondence.pdf 9.-List-of-correspondence.pdf 37.1 KB