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Swaffham Town Council

16th January 2019

Papers for Agenda Items

6.1a Highway Engineers meeting notes - 8th January 2019.docx 6.1a-Highway-Engineers-meeting-notes---8th-January-2019.docx 26.3 KB 7.1 APPENDIX 1 - January Payments.xls 7.1-APPENDIX-1---January-Payments.xls 54 KB 7.2. Correspondence - Anglian Water Invoice.pdf 7.2.-Correspondence---Anglian-Water-Invoice.pdf 125.2 KB 7.3. HM Revenue & Customs.pdf 7.3.-HM-Revenue-&-Customs.pdf 76.4 KB 7.4. Proposal for Conversin of Toilets on the Recreation Ground.pdf 7.4.-Proposal-for-Conversin-of-Toilets-on-the-Recreation-Ground.pdf 510.8 KB 7.5. Request for footpath in Swaffham Church Yard.pdf 7.5.-Request-for-footpath-in-Swaffham-Church-Yard.pdf 69.5 KB 8.1a. Sacred Heart Consultation Leaflet.pdf 8.1a.-Sacred-Heart-Consultation-Leaflet.pdf 741.7 KB 8.1b Rotary Club - Tree & Hedge planting.pdf 8.1b-Rotary-Club---Tree-&-Hedge-planting.pdf 184.5 KB 8.1c. Correspondence re- Days Field.pdf 8.1c.-Correspondence-re--Days-Field.pdf 155.8 KB 8.2a Breckland Town & Parish Forum.pdf 8.2a-Breckland-Town-&-Parish-Forum.pdf 95.8 KB 8.2b Breckland landlord forum.pdf 8.2b-Breckland-landlord-forum.pdf 116.9 KB 8.2c. BDC Leisure Needs Analysis Stakeholder meeting.pdf 8.2c.-BDC-Leisure-Needs-Analysis-Stakeholder-meeting.pdf 51.9 KB 8.2d. Sec 106 - Milngate-Tesco.pdf 8.2d.-Sec-106---Milngate-Tesco.pdf 711.8 KB 8.2e. Correspondence Days Field Planning Permission.pdf 8.2e.-Correspondence-Days-Field-Planning-Permission.pdf 700 KB 8.3a. Traffic Restriction Order.pdf 8.3a.-Traffic-Restriction-Order.pdf 461.7 KB 8.3b. Carriageway resurfacing works- Mangate Street.pdf 8.3b.-Carriageway-resurfacing-works--Mangate-Street.pdf 101.5 KB 8.3 c. Temporary Traffic Order.pdf 8.3-c.-Temporary-Traffic-Order.pdf 358.3 KB 9.0 APPENDIX 2 - January Yellow Correspondence.doc 9.0-APPENDIX-2---January-Yellow-Correspondence.doc 70 KB