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Swaffham Town Council

Community consultation

Swaffham Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led document for guiding the future development of the parish.  It is the first of its kind for Swaffham and a part of the Government’s current approach to planning.  It has and will be undertaken with extensive community engagement, consultation and communication.

Evidence gathering 1: Preliminary consultation2pm-7pm on Wednesday, 25thMay 2016.Purpose: Preliminary consultation event to establish key themes for the Neighbourhood Plan. 58 attendees. Key themes established: transport; housing; wellbeing; local economy; and social/community.

Evidence  gathering  2:  Topic  groups February  2017 onwards. Monthly  topic  group  meetings  tasked  with  investigating:  business  and  employment;  transport  and  access;  open  spaces,  leisure  and  sport;  education  and  young  people;  health  and  community  services;  town  centre,  heritage  and  tourism.    The  topic  groups  gathered  information  and  identified  issues.Meetings  were  held  with  stakeholders  for  education  provision,  and  sports  and  leisure  groups.

Evidence  gathering  3:  Informal  workshops  and  onlinesurvey  Workshops  held  from  Wednesday  19thto  Friday  21stJuly  2017.  Online  survey  fromJuly  to  September  2017.Workshops  were  held  on:  tourism;thetown  centre;  north  of  the  town;  travel,  traffic,  safety  and  air  pollution;  Green  Britain  Centre  and  business.    There  were  301  respondents.The  survey  covered  a  range  of  topics  including:  use  of  town  shops  and  services;  health  and  community  services;  sports  and  leisure  activity;  entertainment,  culture  andvisitors;  education  and  training  services;  civic  services  and  voluntary  activity;  environment  and  open  spaces;  travel  and  car  parking;  employment  and  business.  ‚Äč

Evidence  gathering  4:  Stakeholder  input January  to May  2018. Meetings  and  correspondence with  interested  groups  and  stakeholders  to  establish  detail  for  policy.    The  Steering  Group met  with  or  corresponded  with: Sacred  Heart  School  students;  The  Nicholas  Hamond  Academy  students;  Swaffham  Junior  Academy students; a  range  of  local  businesses;  visitors  to  the  Tourist  Information  Centre  and  the  Swaffham  Museum;  Swaffham  History  Group;  Swaffham  Rugby  Club;  Rotary  Club  for  Swaffham;  Probus;  Swaffham  Women’s  Institute;  Manor  Farm  Medical  Centre;  Age  Concern. Notes  of  all  meetings  were  fed  into  Steering  Group meetings  to  draft  policy  ideas.

Evidence gathering 5: Policy ideas workshops 10am-3pm on Saturday, 14th April 2018 and 5pm-7pm on Tuesday, 17th April 2018. Also online survey with content of the workshops.Purpose: to check emerging policy ideas. 283 respondents (192 at the two events, 91 online).Most ideas were agreed, with additional comments that helped shape the drafting of policy for the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Consultation statement outlines all the above consultation in more detail.

Swaffham NP Consultation Statement FINAL (low res).pdf Swaffham-NP-Consultation-Statement-FINAL-(low-res).pdf 2.1 MB
Community consultation Community consultation
Steering group at work Steering group at work
Swaffham Town Council Community consultation