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Swaffham Town Council

8th May 2019

1. Agenda 8th May 2019.pdf 1.-Agenda-8th-May-2019.pdf 285.9 KB 2. Minutes 15th April 2019.pdf 2.-Minutes-15th-April-2019.pdf 632.7 KB 5.1 Minutes - Annual Town Council meeting - 8th May 2019 Minutes---Annual-Town-Council-8th-May-2019.doc 88.5 KB 5.1 Minutes - Town Council meeting - 8th May 2019.doc 5.1-Minutes---Town-Council-meeting---8th-May-2019.doc 184.5 KB 6.1a. Highways Meeting Notes - 7th May 2018 5)-Highways-mtg-notes---7th-May--2019.docx 27 KB 7.1 APPENDIX 1 - May Payments.xls 7.1-APPENDIX-1---May-Payments.xls 54.5 KB 7.2 Essential Safety & Environmental Solutions report.pdf 7.2-Essential-Safety-&-Environmental-Solutions-report.pdf 425.3 KB 8.1a Anglian Water works re-Castle acre sewer pipeline..pdf 8.1a-Anglian-Water-works-re-Castle-acre-sewer-pipeline..pdf 116.8 KB 8.1b Parish Paths Seminar.pdf 8.1b-Parish-Paths-Seminar.pdf 311.4 KB 8.1c Swaffham UDc records.pdf 8.1c-Swaffham-UDc-records.pdf 356.2 KB 8.1d Request for pigeon control at the Buttercross.pdf 8.1d-Request-for-pigeon-control-at-the-Buttercross.pdf 30.5 KB 8.1e Request for memorial bench.pdf 8.1e-Request-for-memorial-bench.pdf 24.7 KB 8.1f Request for location of textile bank in Swaffham.pdf 8.1f-Request-for-location-of-textile-bank-in-Swaffham.pdf 41.3 KB 8.2a Confirmation of Registered application for Days Field.pdf 8.2a-Confirmation-of-Registered-application-for-Days-Field.pdf 30.6 KB 8.2b Update on Leisure Feasability report.pdf 8.2b-Update-on-Leisure-Feasability-report.pdf 54.3 KB 8.3a Correspondence re-wrongly placed street light.pdf 8.3a-Correspondence-re-wrongly-placed-street-light.pdf 1.2 MB 9. List of Correspondence.pdf 9.-List-of-Correspondence.pdf 29.4 KB 10.1a Correspondence re-Conversion works on public toilets on the Recreation Ground.pdf 10.1a-Correspondence-re-Conversion-works-on-public-toilets-on-the-Recreation-Ground.pdf 244.2 KB 12. General Data Protection Regulation Policy.pdf 12.-General-Data-Protection-Regulation-Policy.pdf 194.7 KB FIRST ANNUAL MEETING REPORT.pdf FIRST-ANNUAL-MEETING-REPORT.pdf 490.6 KB