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HR & Governance Committee


  • The constitution of the HR Committee shall consist of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor as ex-officio members, plus three Councillors shall be appointed for a four-year term to coincide with the election of a new Council. A quorum shall be three members.
  • The frequency of meetings shall be bi-monthly as a minimum or as frequent as deemed appropriate by the HR Committee or circumstances determine. All meetings shall be Clerked by the Town Clerk or in his absence the Deputy Town Clerk; with the exception of conducting part of the Town Clerk's annual appraisal.
  • LEAD OFFICER: Town Clerk.
  • Most items on the agenda of HR Committee meetings are NOT open to the public and press, by resolution of the Council as publicity would prejudice the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business (Public Bodies - Admission to Meetings act 1960).
  • The overall purpose of this Committee is to effectively and efficiently discharge the Council's duties as an employer. The HR Committee has full delegated authority to act except with increasing an agreed salary budget approved by full Council, or making a decision that is contrary to a Council Policy.
  • Non-Committee members may NOT attend the confidential part of the HR Committee meetings; however, they are entitled to read through Personnel Committee minutes which are available at the Town Hall office (by appointment) but not in the public domain. A brief verbal report will be given to Councillors below the line at all full Council meetings for information only (not for debate, unless an issue is referred to full Council for a decision). Non committee members are not entitled to confidential papers but may be given additional background information on some Personnel issues at the discretion of the Town Clerk or designated officer (by appointment). ALL Councillors are duty bound to comply with confidentiality in relation to the Data Protection Act and the Council's collective overriding duty as an employer.
  • The following list of tasks is to be worked through and in conjunction with the Town Clerk as Head of Staff and in his absence the Deputy Town Clerk.
  • To undertake hearings Disciplinary and Capability matters in accordance with the Council's Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures.
  • To deal with Disciplinary and Capability matters to a final conclusion, only reporting to Council when the time for any appeal has passed;
  • To carry out the annual Appraisal of the Town Clerk.
  • To review, approve and monitor the Terms and Conditions of Service and Salaries;
  • To consider any appropriate changes to staffing levels;
  • To consider Staffing Reviews;
  • To work with the Town Clerk and oversee the recruitment and selection of Staff as appropriate;
  • To review, approve and monitor Employment Documentation;
  • To review, approve and monitor Job descriptions;
  • To review, approve and monitor Person Specifications;
  • To review, approve and monitor Contracts of Employment;
  • To manage Conference section of Staff Training Budget;
  • To review, approve and monitor Policies and procedures as follows, recommending policy change within their area of responsibility:
  • STAFF HANDBOOK (Including):
    • Training and Development Policy
    • Member and Officer Protocol.
    • Stress Policy.
    • Dignity at Work Policy
    • Health & Safety Policy.
    • Disciplinary and Grievance Policy and procedures.
    • Equal Opportunities Policy
    • Absence and Sickness Policy
    • Time off in lieu & Flexi-time Policy
    • Employee Handbook
    • Confidentiality Policy
    • Poor Performance Policy & Procedure
    • Harassment Policy
    • Relationships at Work Policy
    • Maternity Policy
    • Paternity Leave Policy
    • Adoption Leave Policy
    • Parental Leave Policy
    • Time off for Dependents Policy
    • Flexible Working Policy
    • Alcohol & Drugs Abuse Policy
    • Bereavement Policy
    • Vehicle Policy
    • Whistleblowing Policy
    • Anti-Bribery Statement
    • Oil Spillage Policy
    • Smoke Free Policy
    • Data Protection Policy
  • To consider any other matters delegated to the Committee by the Council. The HR Committee shall make recommendations to the full Council for the following:
  • Any actions incurring expenditure over and above agreed budgets.
  • Salary budget for the forthcoming year for consideration by the Council.
  • Permanent appointments following satisfactory probationary periods.
  • To review the terms and Conditions of the HR Committee on an annual basis with all other policies as part of the Council's Policy review programme.


  • The HR Committee aims in respect of General Data Protection Regulations:
  • To determine the purpose and manner of processing personal data according to the law
  • To ensure that the Town Clerk has no conflict of interest with this process
  • To ensure that councillors and staff receive ongoing and appropriate training for Data Protection
  • To conduct a survey of the Information Audit, Privacy Notices and any Risk Management to ensure compliance with Data Protection
  • To receive any reports from the Town Clerk of any manifestly unfounded requests and confirm action to be taken
  • To receive reports from the Town Clerk of any investigation of breaches which might need to be undertaken
  • To make an annual review of the GDPR Policy and recommend any changes to Council which might be required
  • To recommend to Council any changes which may be required in Standing Orders in respect of Data Protection
  • To recommend to Council any changes which may be required to the Job Description and Contract of Employment for the Town Clerk in relation to Data Protection.
  • The HR Committee does not have its own budget relating to Data Protection but will recommend any budgetary needs to the Council in respect of the administrative and staffing costs to implement and maintain Data Protection requirements.

Health & Safety

  • The HR Committee to take responsibility for Health & Safety obligations placed upon Swaffham Town Council, aims and objectives are as follows: -
  • To ensure risk assessments are carried out for events
  • To ensure general risk assessments are carried out annually
  • To ensure all actions are carried out in a timely manner resulting from a visit of our Health and Safety Consultants ES & ES Ltd
  • To ensure statutory health and safety standards and regulations are met by the Council.
  • To analyse all health and safety reports and take appropriate action.
  • The HR Committee shall work with the Town Clerk to manage the Health and Safety Revenue budget. They will recommend any budgetary needs to the Council in respect of any Health and Safety requirements.