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Market, Events & Tourism Committee

  • Consisting of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor as ex-officio members, plus five Councillors and four non-Councillors, who can be chosen from Market Traders at the Saturday Market, representatives of the Friday Market or Poultry Auction and members of the business or tourism community.
  • The Market, Events & Tourism Committee to meet on a monthly meeting cycle (or as and when required).

LEAD OFFICER: Deputy Town Clerk.


  • The Deputy Town Clerk and Market Superintendent as officers of the Council to work with the Committee and deal with all day to day or week to week management issues.
  • The Committee shall ensure that applications for licences are dealt with swiftly and management issues relating to the Market are resolved satisfactorily. In certain circumstances deadlines may be extended to coincide with scheduled Committee meetings.
  • The Committee will deal with the management of the Market, granting and revoking licences and implementing Market Policy.
  • The Committee to annually review Market Licence Rules and Regulations; pricing structures for the Market including pitch fees for licensed and casual traders. The result of an annual pricing review will be recommended to the full Council at the time of the budget. The Committee will promote the Market via a website and social media.
  • The Committee will work with the staff in relation to local or national Market initiatives i.e. N.A.B.M.A, Love Your Local Market, if appropriate.


  • The Deputy Town Clerk shall delegate tasks and/or work with other members of staff in relation to events i.e. Project Support Officer, Office Administrator and Works Manager.
  • The Committee will organise the Christmas Light Switch On event and liaise with the necessary authorities and organisations in order to finalise an Event Management Plan.
  • The Committee shall consider organising other special Markets or Community Events within the Town Centre/Market Place and elsewhere in the Town.


  • The Deputy Town Clerk shall delegate tasks and/or work with other members of staff in relation to Business and Tourism i.e. Project Support Officer and Office administrator.
  • The Committee shall look at co-ordinating the general promotion of the Town, through web sites, social media and other initiatives.
  • The Committee shall create and develop links with the business and tourism community for the benefit of the Town.