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Swaffham Town Council

Swaffham Cemetery

The Town Council is responsible for the upkeep of the Cemetery and Chapel however the responsibility for maintenance of memorial headstones is a matter for the next of kin.
There are rules relating to memorials and graves, to help achieve the highest possible standard of maintenance.

The Cemetery Chapel, Brandon Road was built in the 1920's, has been completed. In 2013 the Chapel was renovated & modernised and now has electricity, a water supply and a disabled toilet.
The Chapel is furnished to cater for devout and non-religious funeral services.

An up to date copy of the rules & regulation and price is available at the office.
Anyone wishing to inquire about the cemetery should call the office, 01760 722922 or email enquiries@swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk.

Health &Safety
2015 saw the outside team undertaking ‘Topple Testing’ of the headstones & memorials to ensure compliance and safety. Notices are displayed and any failed headstones are either ‘laid down’ or ‘staked’ whilst the next of kin is informed (where possible)
This programme of testing will continue throughout the year, in between normal tasks.
The cost of and initiation of repairs is down to the family/next of kin.