There was no need for a Town Council election in May 2023, as there were 13 candidates for 13 seats, all 13 were elected unopposed. We welcome four new Councillors, David Braithwaite, Caroline Ellerbeck, Sarah Pickard and John Zielinski. We also pay tribute to our four retiring councillors, Judy Anscombe, Colin Houghton, Shirley Matthews, and Ian Pilcher.

At Breckland Council level there was an election, with a welcome to Judy Anscombe and Jacob Morton, joining David Wickerson re-elected for another four-year term, with Ian Sherwood choosing to stand in a different area and Ed Colman resigning back in February due to a change in circumstances. Ed Colman also resigned as our Norfolk County Councillor, and we welcome William Nunn as our newly elected representative on the County Council.

Swaffham Town Council are pleased to announce that on 17 May 2023 at the Annual Town Assembly the Town Council appointed Cllr Stewart Bell as Mayor and Cllr Paul Darby as Deputy Mayor.