The Cemetery will be open to the public daily between 8am and half an hour before sunset. Information relating to the Cemetery should be directed to the Town Clerk at the Town Hall, 4 London Street, Swaffham (Telephone 01760 722922).

Plans showing the situation of each grave are kept at the Town Hall office, and may be inspected, without charge, during normal office hours. A Plan of the layout of the Cemetery is also at the office.

Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles are prohibited from entering the Cemetery burial areas, vehicles are permitted only to use the entrance drive and designated tracks located mainly around the perimeter. Temporary parking for short periods is only permitted for the purposes of funerals and in connection with the erection and maintenance of monuments. This rule will not apply to any approved means of invalid conveyance.

The riding of cycles and motorcycles through and within the grassed areas of the Cemetery is strictly prohibited.


Children under the age of twelve years of age will not be allowed within the Cemetery except under the care of a responsible adult; and visitors will be expected to observe proper decorum at all times.


Persons bringing dogs in to the Cemetery must keep them on a lead and under proper control at all times.


The riding of horses through and within the Cemetery is strictly prohibited.


No person shall be allowed to offer goods for sale or to solicit orders for the sale of any goods within the Cemetery. Offenders will be liable to expulsion.

Every person who shall play at any game of sport, or discharge firearms, except at a military funeral, in the Cemetery or who shall wilfully and unlawfully disturb any person assembled in the Cemetery for the purpose of burying a body therein, or who shall commit any nuisance within the Cemetery, shall; be liable for prosecution. The consumption of alcohol within the Cemetery is strictly prohibited.

Notice of Works

No work will take place on Saturdays, Sundays or any bank or public holidays, except by prior agreement with the Council.

The Council reserves the right to make closures as may be necessary for repairs, or in the interests of public safety, at any time. Monumental Masons are requested to suspend work for the duration of a funeral.