No monument of any sort will be allowed to be erected or placed on any grave or in any part of the Cemetery without the written consent of the Council. Permission to erect a headstone or other memorial is normally applied for by the stonemason. Before any monument is placed or erected a drawing thereof, with the proposed inscription and details of any decorative engraving, must be left at the Council Office for at least seven days to obtain the necessary approval.  All applications must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. No approval will be given until the fees are received. Any questions concerning the fitness of any inscription, or the design or material construction of any monument erected or placed on consecrated ground shall be determined by the Bishop of any Diocese. If any monument is erected in violation of the Regulations of the Council, the same may at any time be removed by the Council without notice.

The Cemetery rules have been created by the Council and apply to all parts of the Cemetery, with Regulations as follows:-

No mounds may be constructed on graves and no memorial stones (other than approved headstones and/or flower vases) may be erected.

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths, Floral Tributes and other adornments: – Next of kin and visitors are welcome to place wreaths (and cards) on graves during the Christmas period provided they are removed by the 14 February. ALL wreaths (and cards) left on graves after that date will be removed by the Council and disposed of respectfully. Other floral tributes will be removed when faded. Other adornments should be restricted to the memorial headstone. The Town Council holds no responsibility for these.

No Shrubs, plants or flowers may be planted within the Cemetery or on any grave therein, nor may any shrubs, plants or flowers be cut or carried away without consent. The Council reserve the right without notice and payment of compensation to prune, cut down or dig up and remove any shrub, plant or flower planted without authorisation or which in their opinion has become unsightly or overgrown. Problems occur when grass is cut and, although Cemetery staff take every care to replace vases on the correct grave and not to damage any vases, any unmarked vases could be placed back on the wrong grave.

Applications for Memorial Work

Permission is required from the Council before any memorial may be erected, renovated or removed. Permission is also necessary for additional inscriptions to be inscribed. Copies of the Memorial Application Form can be downloaded from the Useful Documents section at the bottom of the page.