Swaffham Market
Swaffham Market Stall

Norfolk’s Market Town, there has been a market in Swaffham for over 800 Years.

Our family of Markets offer a wide range of goods and are a popular attraction for residents and visitors.

Saturdays – there is an outdoor market and auction with around 25 regular stalls including fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, cheeses and eggs, housewares, collectibles, jewellery, silver, clothes, hardware, tools, bric-a-brac and plants. The choice of goods is extensive and attracts locals and tourists together to create a delightful buzz with the sounds, smells and colour in an atmosphere brimming with activity.

The Auction Bell rings at 11am for the general sale held on the stones outside the Greyhound Pub. If you would like to trade on our market please contact the Market Superintendent, Ruth Ostler

Friday – at the Assembly Rooms there is an indoor market offering mouth-watering homemade cakes, jams and pickles alongside vintage jewellery and a plethora of other temptations. On a number of occasions during the year this market rolls over to Saturday.

Poultry Auction (currently closed due to Avian Flu)every Saturday a poultry auction is held at the Raceway on the outskirts of Swaffham. This attracts visitors from far and wide.

The Saturday Poultry Auction at 11.30am and the Friday Indoor Market are licensed by the Council to independent businesses.

Events – organised in Swaffham are often centred on the market as it is such a great way to engage the whole town and visitors, promote the town and increase community engagement.

Annual events on the Market Place include:

  • Whitsun – Swaffham Sheep Fair
  • Norfolk Day 
  • Dad’s Army Day
  • Christmas Lights event


Further information about upcoming events are regularly advertised locally.

There is a dedicated Committee chaired by the Town Council and Market Traders who are passionate about the market and work tirelessly to ensure the Market remains a key focal point of Swaffham, enhancing local businesses and promoting the town.

If you are interested in becoming a trader on the Saturday market please contact the office – 01760 722 922.